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About Us

PowerLeg™ is a startup founded in 2017 as a local business in Malaysia. After gaining traction in our business, we decided to expand our online business toward a global scale by setting up our PowerLeg™ online store. 

The ultimate aim of PowerLeg™ is to provide our worldwide customers with quality products coupled with bargain prices. As a firm believer of 'premium is not just about price', we wanted to offer our customer the best online shopping experience through 4 major aspects:


Excellent Customer service

We wanted our customers to have a seamless and comfortable shopping experience. That's why we focuses on customer services heavily. You can always contact us by using the chat box below and we will be ready to serve you with any of your questions!

100% Buyers Protection Guarantee

As what we said, PowerLeg™ takes our customers seriously. We implement the 100% protection guarantee for every shoppers in the store in which we offer a complimentary full refund to those who do not receive their orders or their items arrived in a damaged form.

Wide Choices of Products with High Quality

We take quality of our products seriously as we only find reliable suppliers. We also aim to expand our store and works with a variety of suppliers from all over the globe such as United States, China, Thailand and Korea. From the wide range of suppliers, we will be able to present the newest and most special product in front of your screen!

Promotion and Sales

PowerLeg™ values our customers alot. That is why we will often have alot of sales and promotions to give back to the shoppers who trusted us. So, always stay tuned to our facebook page or email for the newest promotions!
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